How to Post a Youtube Video on Your WordPress Blog

If you want to post a Youtube video on your blog, it is very easy to do. Just follow these steps:

1. Open your blog website and log in.

2. Click on POSTS, then click ADD NEW.

3. Write your title, then your message.

4. In another tab (or window), open and find the video you want to put on your blog.

5. On the Youtube page, scroll down a little bit and click on SHARE.

6. A little box will pop up, and you will see some choices, click on EMBED.

7. Some code will pop up inside a box. It looks like this:

8. Point your mouse at the code inside the box. Right-click on it, and choose COPY.

9. Go back to your blog. Look above your post, below the title, and you will see two tabs- VISUAL and HTML. Click on HTML.

10. Point your mouse exactly where you want to put the video. Right-click and choose PASTE.

That’s what I did here, after I hit ENTER two times, to make sure the video was below this paragraph…

Then, if you see the code on your post, just look to the right side and click on PUBLISH.

Now go back to your home page and see if the video looks OK. If it does, high-five the person next to you. If it doesn’t look OK, just go back to your DASHBOARD, click on POSTS, then ALL POSTS, then on the post you are working on, hover over it and choose EDIT. Once inside the post again, you can add some space above or below it, or whatever, to line it up where you want it.

Have fun!

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