Geno Skaggs

Geno Skaggs Poem Published by NJSP School

I just found this on the North Judson San Pierre school website in a newsletter. It’s only a one-page letter, and they published Geno’s poem, so I thought I’d put an honorable mention here. Check out the school’s website here- NJSP. Or read the poem below.

Those of us who know Geno, know that he is a very talented young man. He plays piano, guitar, and bass. In addition to his musical prowess, he writes poetry too. He’s only eight years old, and he has already had something published. He has a bright future, and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Congratulations Geno!

Five little spiders siting on a web.
The first one said, “I didn’t get fed!”
The second one said, “That’s really not fair.”
The third one said, “I hear sounds on the air.”
The fourth one said, “This is really fun!”
The fifth one said, “I can’t find a hamburger bun.”

By Geno Skaggs

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